Week Ending 07/Jan/2024

Well, that rain and clouds and mist and general bad weather actually had a day off and Saturday was clear sky.
The field was wet, and boy was it cold, but a few of us got some flights in.

Only one incident on Saturday, an aircraft lost in the sun.
That doesn’t mean physically it hit the sun (for those wondering, you know who you are), it flew into the sun and the pilot lost orientation. Hopefully it can be fixed.

We also had incident on Sunday. Our secretary decided to see what would happen if, when coming in on slow final, you put the flaps down but dont add more power. Well, what we learnt was initially the craft slows down, but then it rapidly speeds up – albeit in a downwards direction :).
The result… well a bent undercarriage that’s an easy fix I guess.

Oh, there was an OMG moment when Mr Morrow actually got the kettle on. He’s been training under Owen’s grandad for almost a year. He fell at the final hurdle of actually putting the hot water in the cups at the end. Still a long way to go I think. If that had been a “BMFA A(Kettle)” test it wouldn’t have got to the questions 🙂
The picture shows Owens grandad having to hide in shame.

The cabin also has a new heater that’s working well.
So, as you can imagine, some of the “biscuit, tea and natter brigade” spent most the the afternoon in there.

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