Week Ending 29/Oct/2023

Holy crap its still not stopped raining!
Nothing has happened in terms of flying this week as its rained and rained.

Result is that our testing day has been re-scheduled to 09th December.
If you were taking a test, you should of seen an email showing the ‘planned’ date. Note that this is still to be confirmed with examiners etc. Updates will follow.

So, although nothing happened flying wise two major’ish things did happen.
Firstly, my canopy got sorted.
Mr Marc did a thing with fibreglass, filler and paint and it now looks awesome !
See the pic.

The other thing that happened was a little educational. See I found out that those builds that we use for having tea and coffee in are actually called Cabins. Who’d have known that eh :). I thought I’d point it out as… well I was convinced (almost) that they were called ‘Clubhouses’.

So hopefully the weather gives us a break soon and I’ll see you all at the cabin.

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