Week Ending 14/Jan/2024

Well, here we are again.
Items this week…
* Training ongoing
* I hate carbs
* A Servo likes a different location
* Mordor used to see snow and an A-Test passed!

Training Ongoing
Saturday saw our club training progressing. There was even a pilot having his first ever go at fixed wing.
Apparently, he has flown a heli a little but we are a tolerant club and we don’t hold that against them.
The students are all moving forward which is good to see. The pic shows Mr Futaba coaching yet another heli fan and trying to get him up a league to fixed wing.

My carb broke on my Cap. Well it blocked. It takes ages to take apart and clean and re-fit with new seals etc etc, sorta feels like a construction. If it wasn’t for Marc having a space to allow it to be taken apart etc it’d probs still be stuck. However, its now back on the plane and although it still needs to be set up its working :).

Servo Relocation
One member had a real tricky landing on Saturday with a large petrol plane. The throttle servo decided to re-locate itself inside the cowl. Maybe it was feeling the cold and decided to get nearer the engine 🙂
The result was plane went to idle. A very very very careful approach and it landed safely. Phew.
The picture shows where the servo should be… its in there somewhere.
This event happened after another of his planes (of a similar size) had a fault in an elevator servo!
Unsurprisingly, although he’d brought three planes, he decided that it was game over for that day 🙂

An A-Pass
So our science officer, Mr Mitrea, passed his A-Test. Ace news and well done to him.
The pic shows a happy pilot. He also sent a pic from his last club, I’d never of guessed the Mordor Aeromodelling Club would of seen snow!
Apparently it happened often and they just fitted skis. Nick explained that the worst thing at the club wasn’t the weather, it was Eagles ?

Till next week.

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