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To join is simple. Firstly, drop us a message in the contact box. Download and fill out the membership form. We’ll contact you and sort out getting you joined from there.


We have an active training programme. Starting from total beginners up to advanced. The materials are all listed below.

Solo Flying Information
There always seems to be confusion over the requirements for this, so its listed simply below.
You will need the following…..
Please read this whole article before taking any action

Non Certificated Pilots (Those without BMFA or SAA certification)
You will need a certified pilot “In Attendance” (See point 9 of the Site And Safety Rules)

Get this by joining the BMFA (or the SAA)
Note that the information that follows is for BMFA members. For SAA see the SAA website.

An Operator ID
All aircraft must have this. To get this go to the BMFA membership site and click the link to get CAA registration.
It currently is ¬£10.33 and that’s it. You need to be over 18 to apply for this.
Note that this is the person that is responsible for the aircraft.
This person is also responsible for ensuring any pilots of the aircraft are insured and have either a Flyer ID or an RCC certificate.
The operator ID needs to be printed and displayed inside the aircraft.

RCC Certificate
This is an online test on the BMFA website. (Link Here). Its 40 questions and you need to get at least 75%. When you pass they send you a certificate that’s valid for five years
This is required for all Pilots of any age. If you are operating the sticks and solo flying you need either this or the Flyer ID below. (Also see note below)

Flyer ID
This is another online test that generates a flyer ID (Link Here). When you pass you get a Flyer ID code thats valid for five years.
The choice to use this or the RCC test is up to you. (See note below)

Note: RCC or Flyer ID ?
The choice is totally yours. There is a distinction though. When doing an exam (A, B or C Tests) if you have a valid RCC you skip answering the mandatory questions. You still have to answer general safety and flight safety questions.



BMFA Achievement Scheme – Getting Started

BMFA Achievement Scheme Fixed Wing ‘A’ Test

BMFA Achievement Scheme Fixed Wing ‘B’ Test

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