Week Ending 22/Oct/2023

Well, its two weeks since the last blog and what has happened…..

Rain, Rain and more Rain.
An Official Warning.
No Cakes.
Exams looming.
Another damn canopy.

Rain, Rain and more Rain
I hardly need to tell anyone here that the weather has been bad. In fact in nearby Brechin the river bust the banks and has flooded many of the houses nearby. Please look on facebook and local groups to see if you can offer any help to those effected. Getting flooded out is an awful thing so if you can help/donate to a local help or support group please do.

Official Warning.
I found out today from Mr Chairman that if he tells you off and another committee member is present then that counts as an official warning.
That means Ive had over fifty warnings.
I was ‘Told’, actually, ‘Corrected’ in my use of the word ‘Cabin’. Apparently the building that the tea drinkers and natter’ers lig about in is called the Clubhouse, not the cabin. What makes it worse is our secretary agreed with him. I mean come on, good grief!
I think he’s still a narked at my use of the word Best’est ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve taken it upon myself to now always use Cabin as much as I can going forward.

No Cakes
So, after receiving, this morning (Sunday 22nd), a request for information on the state of the field from our Chairman, I responding so that he could make an informed decision over turning up or not. I wasn’t then surprised that he turned up ready to fly. I was however crushed by the fact that, when I went into the CABIN shortly after, I find out, that he did not, read that again…”did not” bring cakes. Its not actually written in our club rules, but its the done thing. Chair supplies cakes. Doesn’t every club have this rule ?
I was looking forward to a nice cake after spending time pointing out the compass directions to the committee members there who didnt realise that the house in the distance is actually North when stood on the CABIN steps.

Exams looming
Our testing day for students is looming up. We have all types of tests being done, A, B, C and Examiner tests.
So there’s a fair few practice schedules being flown when people get a chance.
I’m still sorting out the order of my C schedule. Its tricky to get it to flow nicely without lots of turnaround manoeuvres. Its still a work in progress but time is ticking along. Still some bits to sort. Ive also been flying the B schedule as I know for the examiners test… well… they will ask.

Another damn canopy
In flying my C stuff one of the manoeuvres is a knife-edge spin. I can do this right about six out of ten times currently. Today seemed like one of the other four ๐Ÿ™‚
Ali was calling for me and I entered the spin. Next thing, deadstick. Well I landed it (as you’d expect/hope) and it turns out that the ignition battery had ejected though the canopy!
What is it with me and canopies ?
Picture shows the hole. And although me (and the club chairman) went looking for the battery, it wasn’t found.

That’s it for this time, there’s a few pics below showing some happy faces ๐Ÿ™‚

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