Week Ending 16/Mar/2023 – Testing Day Completed

Well, here we are again with another blog.
So this weekend was testing weekend. Yes it finally happened after a number of reschedules the weather finally gave us a break and we managed it.

Bill Anderson came from West Calder Club to run it for us, accompanied by Andy Pirie from Aberdeen Club.

The good stuff first….
Five club members passed their certs today. Two A tests, two B tests and one C test. (Names on the news page)
The conditions although ideal at the start of the day, became a little blustery later on. And boy did it get cold later in the day as well.

The bad news (Well…. my bad news),
It turns out that idle-up is my next major learning point. My own C-Test was a disaster. A dead stick halfway through resulted in almost making it back the field. Almost meaning that the tail wheel caught the fence and the plane flopped hard to the ground. A broken prop, tailwheel and some small damage to the side of the plane, along with some torn covering, meant it was game-over for me.
Turns out that I really should of set an idle-up on the engine. This may have avoided the cut out.
The repairs will take an evening or so to complete, and the new prop will arrive soon (Boy those Mejzlik props ain’t cheap!). All being well the plane should be back in the air, with idle-up, soonish.
I’m not the sort to get emotional over planes, but I think the nerves of the test and not being able to carry on with it got to me. The upshot was I screwed up the B-Schedule flight for my examiners test too. Result is that was a fail.

So to get over my self annoyance and disappointment I’ve had a chippy tea and a huge chocolate cream cake!
More practice needed I think and will aim for the summer to try it all again. Onwards and upwards!

So, although I’m not impressed with myself at the moment, I’m totally made up for those that passed.
Now onto the next set of students 🙂

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