Week Ending 08/Oct/2023

This weekend at Angus Model Submarine Club it….
Well, it rained.
Then it rained more.
Then on Sunday it rained really heavy.
Then, as you Scots say, it pished down.
Then it stopped for about 10 mins.
Then….well I’m sure you guessed right…. It rained again.

The pictures show the Field, the new Harbour and dock 🙂

Holy crap!
Our Chairman made coffee! But this was even unprompted.
I had to go and have a lay down for 10mins to calm from the shock!
Defo need another cert I think 🙂

More seriously,
The club Site and Safety Rules have been updated.
Please, please go and read them, its important. Yes, this blog has a lot more humour than the main or news pages but we defo need to all take part in safety. There’s a new menu item on the site, and you can download your own copy.

Till next week.

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