Week Ending 03/Sep

To start off this new blog archive I’ll add some catch up stuff from the past as well as this weeks events.

We got water.
There’s a news article about it so I’ll not say anything here. Go to the news section.
Although….. I had to climb under a really really really (yes 3 really’s) dirty tractor whilst assisting Mr Bell as there was only us two and getting under there was tight for me. 🤔

Owen and Andy.
Both had their first solo flights. As we all know, this is a big step in model flying and we are really pleased for them.
A-tests coming soon. 🛩️
Additionally, we have a few other students that are getting close to first solos too. Watch this space.

Imac is hard!
Since we have an Imac comp coming to us (see events page), I though I’d have a go and enter.
Just learning the sportsman schedule is tough. Then some lunatic said to do a freestyle routine as well and added that “its to music”!
If you’ve never tried this its…. holy crap! its hard. Trying to put a freestyle routine together is tricky enough without having to consider what a damn song is doing at the same time. I’m thinking of maybe just flying to the sound of microphone feedback. That way at least my timing wont be off.

There’s even a suggestion that we’ll get unknown schedules to fly. I mean come on, be real. I’m struggling to fly the one I know about never mind someone giving me something Ive never seen before!
I guess its just gonna be one great fun day. Even if you’re not flying come along and watch me making a fool of myself. Then Dan will show us how its actually supposed to be done.

Oh… Rumour has it that Ali is doing the Imac Freestyle too. This picture apparently shows his Imac plane in the trailer, and his freestyle plane (the orange one outside). He’s also got his F3A plane there as he’s doing the F3A Triple Crown competition soon too!
So ‘apparently’ he’s been practising all three disciplines a fair bit.

Glider Comp
Some of our members went on an international trip recently to see the F5J glider championships.
Apparently it…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….. Sorry, I fell asleep thinking about gliders.
I think it was good ?

Club Trainer Has A New Engine
The club Excel-2000 trainer has had a new engine fitted. The very old Irvine-40 bearings have finally given up. I’ll get a new set and repair it.
But the plane is now fitted with a brand new OS-46. The engine was test run last Thursday and sounds ace. A little re-trimming needed.
It was used by the students on Friday and works ace.

General Stuff
Saturday saw a small number of us brave the SW wind. We even had two students fly under the guidance of Mr Morrow.
I’m still totally dismayed at the inability of some members abilities to make coffee. I bet if I changed it to a Futaba kettle it’d change!
Sunday was way to windy to fly all day. There were a few that turned up to natter and an engine got tested but no flying.

Until next week.

Anything I missed ?
If you have any news events or rumours then let me know and I’ll add them to next weeks blog.
If they are more serious they’ll get added to the proper News or Events pages.
Just let me know.

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