Week Ending 01/Oct/2023

New stuff, training, abuse and erm…. broken stuff (Not training)

To start off with our resident scientist fixed the windsock. The old one was torn by the high winds recently and fell off. The new one even has a super-duper bearing in it. Apparently the sock is now calibrated in “nautical feet per hour” or suchlike. Well he is a scientist. And no, before I get comments or emails asking, I’ve absolutely no bloody idea how he reached up that high to install it. Thou shall not ask!

We had a fair few trainees turn up this week, so the trainers were very busy. The students have been learning to use the rudder (Shock, horror and what’s the rudder? from some of the club members). Indeed one of our students admirably demonstrated what happens when we don’t use rudder and instead use ailerons at low speeds to align with the runway. Its fixable, the damage wasn’t fatal.
He does have another plane that’s self built (see pics). It was checked over and then flown by one of the instructors here. I’m no constructor, as some know, but its good to see people build stuff from scratch and then see a happy face when it flies.
All in all the students are coming along good. Yes, I say this every week but, its ace to see people progressing along.

Every club has a fast and loud guy. Ours is exceptional at both 🙂
However, he did an ace demonstration of some science with a foam edf jet. This is a simple formula that defines ‘Low’ when doing a “fast low inverted pass”. He demonstrated that the value of “low” must always a positive number and that it must always be bigger than the height of the rudder.
I mean fair play, he got it to exactly zero. The crash was spectacular as it sorta exploded. There is a picture.
He also made up for it by flying a proper turbine later. The smell and noise of turbines is, in my opinion, ace!

Our treasurer actually had a flight. This is rare. So rare that we were expecting him to have forgotten not to taxy into the pits. He stopped exactly on the line! (Well the nose was edging over). Then he saw us watching and made some remarks about us not having fathers or something whilst hand signing some ex-naval hand signature. Look at the pic yourself and see if you know what it means ?

Sunday apparently saw some flights (i was told) as the weather was much better than expected. I wasn’t there till later in the afternoon by which time those there had munched their way through two bags of donuts and had drunk two full water bottles worth of tea/coffee!
I didn’t see much evidence of flying as when I arrived they were all sat in the cabin with cups in their hands. This also indicates that at least one of them used the kettle, small steps!

Till next time, pics below.

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